Summer Worship Schedule
9:00 AM Worship

10:00 AM Fellowship

(May 27- September 7)

Wednesday Worship,
6:00 PM will resume in the Fall.

Fall Worship  Schedule:
8:30 AM Worship

9:30 AM Education/Fellowship Hour

10:30 AM Worship
(with Praise Worship on 2nd & 3rd Sundays of the month)

Wednesday Worship
6:00 PM

Communion on 1st & 3rd & 5th
 Sundays of each month.


Welcome to Trinity Lutheran Church, Mitchell, SD

We invite you to be part of God's family that gathers at Trinity.  Join in worship, praise, learning, fellowship, fun, laughter and activities for all ages.  Come and experience the presence of God.  We believe that we cannot earn God's favor, God's love, or our way into heaven.  Instead, we are completely dependent upon God's grace.  We live our life in response to God's love.

Fall Worship Schedule:
Sunday - 8:30am Worship Service
                                           9:30am Fellowship/Education Hour                                            
10:30am - Worship Service

Wednesday Worship:  6:00pm

Pastor Chris Baesler


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Where is Trinity located?
From Interstate 90, drive north on Highway 37 (Burr Street) to 2y contact:

Pastor Baesler at

Financial Secretary, Kira Tronnes at

 Parish Assistant, Karen Rang at

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